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Dear students,

in view of the irregularities introduced to the academic year by the Covid-19 measures, please take a moment to check the closing of the academic year.


Reminder – CIN KK students:

Students cannot shoot two identical exercises (e.g. two Studio Exercises) – any exceptions are only permissible with the consent of the Department of Cinematography, provided the Department has been duly informed in advance.



Dear Students,

in view of due completion of your study obligations, it is absolutely necessary for you to check your KOS information and observe both the deadlines and any comments concerning your study modes. Should you have any doubt concerning any potential issue, please contact your supervisor, mentor or the Head of Department. Information from FAMU Studio is important; however, in some cases, it may not duly consider the strict requirements for compliance with KOS as applicable to you.

prof. Jaroslav Brabec

Head of Cinematography Department


See Modes of studying.

Please check Notice no. 3 of the Head of our Department.

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