Calendar of the Academic Year

Dear Students,

Studio FAMU is happy to announce its operations are almost back to the pre-Covid standard  all the  updated information necessary is always available to check hereAt the same time I´d like to share important operational info and assure you of the Studio FAMU highest standards in our production / operation services while handling the increased production volume of your projects at the moment. 

One last reminder: all projects must be submitted/uploaded to Elements,  TV department (Jan Kovacovic or Tereza Slavikova by 9 am 7 days prior to the screening


– I’d like to kindly ask you to discuss, cooperate and follow recommendations of the SF production dept. and other colleagues/professors involved in your productions.

– Once your project has been greenflagged by your department, our team always strives to find the smartest way of executing your films.

– Do not hesitate and discuss any kind of your issue in advance with the SF Production dept. team

Postproduction facilities accessibility* – picture / sound facilities → until 30. 06. 2023  via Dispatching SF app.





* from 01. 07. 2021 until 30. 09. 2021 we´re opening night frequencies  24:00 – 08:00

 Postproduction facilities accessibility*   Studio FAMU Reference projection

Mon. + Tues.  Sound / 09:00 – 12:00 | 13:00 – 16:00

Th.+ Fri  Picture / 09:00 – 12:00 | 13:00 – 16:00

Wed.: reserved for control projections & R&& faculty projections

*Weekends / frequencies in a different time: only via prior agreement with teams of SF Production dept. and Reference projection dept.


List of SF postproduction facilities as of June 2021  in CZ at the moment

– Screening room FAMU calendar

– Studio FAMU Reference projection calendar

 Commission exam screenings – Fall 2021 – basic package of instructions

– Commission exam screenings – Required final export parameters

– Commission exam screenings – Elements data up-load instructions

– Commission exam screenings – DCP how-to-make

– the FAMU / SF web page will be up-dated soon about the schedule of Commission exam screenings

 The on-line Technology workshop organized by Studio FAMU and Agora plus Plc. (8th June 2021)

 presentations: ARRI, DELL, QUANTUM, ELEMENTS, BEEGFS, ATTO, AXLE a VEEAM, … Reference projection commentated virtual tour  HERE

 The Studio FAMU Rest & Meeting Point located in ground floor is available for take-away coffee at the time only (7-days a week / from: 7am – Midnight)  tables/chairs are back from July 1st 2021.

 Studio FAMU Team is happy to assist you in any query you might have  SF contacts.

Contains all important dates and deadlines. Students are obliged to study the Schedule.