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Master’s program

About Master’s Program in Cinematography “CINKK”

The Cinematography Master’s degree program at FAMU’s Cinematography Department runs for three years* from 2020/2021. Our students will spend three full years mastering the art of narrative cinematography, immersing themselves in the craft of studio lighting, colour concepts and photographic design. We expect applicants to have experience in cinematography, usually with a Bachelor’s degree in film. Students should have their own light meters, spot meters and colour meters for serious advanced exponometric and colorimetric exercises. The program language is English; the program is a full-time paid course.

*The program has been re-accredited as a three-year course; previously, the studies took two years. 

What classes do we offer? See the Study plan and Course catalogue including Optional courses.

Profile of Cinematography MA Program Graduates

The graduates of the three-year MA program at the FAMU Cinematography Department are professionally and intellectually mature cameramen for fiction and non-fiction films, as well as for projects exploiting special technology and advertising spots. Their professional expertise forms an inseparable part of the individual approach to specific projects, including the ability to find and create adequate methods of production and work. That makes them reliable partners for the producers, costume designers, scenographers, but first and foremost, for the directors. The cameramen are capable of precisely distinguishing the rights and obligations in all of the camera team and move and lighting equipment team.

Theme analysis and the following inspiration of individually classified models enables the cameraman to create an image concept which fundamentally supports the literary dramaturgy of the script theme, with options of alternative designs of imagery concepts. The cameraman has mastered all of the components available to expressive imagery, not only during the filming but also during film project preparation and finish. The demands of the specialised study program along with the graduate’s moral and communicative properties are directly linked to the encouragement to human development of the cameraman’s individuality, making the cameraman a significant member of the creative team for both Czech and international film productions with no limit on the depth and demands of the film piece.