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Official notice board – mandatory information


Dear Students of the Department of Cinematography,
yesterday, on October 20, 2021, the Department held a General Meeting which some of you attended in person. Besides the KK teachers, also representatives of FAMU Studio were present. 
The discussion was really inspiring; several serious issues were also mentioned with respect to the attitude of Cinematography Department students to the equipment presently owned by FAMU. 
Considering the fact that a cinematographer’s profession does not depend on talent alone but is affected by the cinematographer’s responsibility for the equipment entrusted to him/her – cameras, lamps and all the other things the creators of the film’s image and look must control and be responsible for – I amend, or rather put back in order what has been ignored or taken too lightly recently. 
Dear Students. Please take the following five points as a kind of protection against potential problems rather than something that limits or discriminates you against the remaining crew members. 
1. the equipment – cameras, lamps, movement equipment or any other accessories from the FAMU Studio shall be picked up / signed up for / and returned solely by the DoP or authorised assistant; however, it must always be a Department of Cinematography student. Never an assistant from another school, member of a different Department etc. The equipment shall not be released to anyone but a Department of Cinematography student. The cinematographer must check the condition of the equipment; no subsequent complaints shall be considered. 
2. The DoP is responsible for the work of the assistants. The assistants report to the DoP, even with respect to equipment handling. Any potential damage, should there be any issue, shall be claimed from the DoP. 
3. if the camera department head has any doubt concerning professional and correct handling of the equipment, the CD head is authorised to test the issue in situ, e.g. loading the magazine in the camera, assembling the camera with rented additional features etc. If the “test” is not successful, the equipment shall not be issued even if the shoot has to be cancelled because of that. 
4. equipment booking will only be possible once the Production List has been signed by the supervising teacher of the Department of Cinematography. No equipment can be reserved without the document.
5. camera equipment is arranged in sets the modification and potential booking of segments of which is impossible, except for absolutely exceptional cases with the permission of the FAMU Studio and the supervising teacher of the exercise in question. Please bear in mind that the equipment you borrow will be used by your schoolmates; therefore, report any defects and doubts concerning the condition of the equipment immediately. 
prof. Jaroslav Brabec



Dear Students,

please note the schedule of final screenings and final state examinations in the current academic year.

Dear students,

in view of the irregularities introduced to the academic year by the Covid-19 measures, please take a moment to check the closing of the academic year.


Reminder – CIN KK students:

Students cannot shoot two identical exercises (e.g. two Studio Exercises) – any exceptions are only permissible with the consent of the Department of Cinematography, provided the Department has been duly informed in advance.



Dear Students,

in view of due completion of your study obligations, it is absolutely necessary for you to check your KOS information and observe both the deadlines and any comments concerning your study modes. Should you have any doubt concerning any potential issue, please contact your supervisor, mentor or the Head of Department. Information from FAMU Studio is important; however, in some cases, it may not duly consider the strict requirements for compliance with KOS as applicable to you.

prof. Jaroslav Brabec

Head of Cinematography Department


See Modes of studying.

Please check Notice no. 3 of the Head of our Department.