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June Screenings – Extra Important Information!!!

June Screenings – Extra Important Information!!!

Dear Students,

Dear Professors,

see attached instructions and terms for upcoming June Screenings in Lažanský palác, pls.

Do not forget – all final data for screenings must be uploaded to your personal folder via Central data storage of the Studio FAMU / or alternatively via Cesnet – Filesender service and must follow deadlines (see pls. attached .pdf Terminy_Deadlines_Data.Delivery_Projekce_Projections_06.2019).

All informations in ENG will be provided by my colleagues Zuzana Hadravová / Martin Hřebačka / Vít Petrášek / Jan Kovačovič – contact infos on page 4 (see pls. attached .pdf_Instructions_Upload_Elements_ENG_June 2019_v.20190515).


File name:
department_sort of exercise_student surname_name of the excercise

File/Container: QuickTime movie (.mov)

Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080

Framerate: 24/25/30 fps

Codec: ProRes (nikoliv Proxy) nebo H.264

!If Codec H264 during the export from the Adobe Premiere choose Automatic frame reordering or Frame reordering!

Sound stereo – 48 kHz, 16b:

  1. a) AAC 192k
  2. b) PCM – ProRes: little endian nebo big endian,

– H.264: big endian

Sound 5.1 – 48 kHz, 16b:

PCM, ProRes

  1. a) 1 (L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS) : big endian
  2. b) 6x mono (event. 3x mono L, R, C): little endian

TC track smazat v QuickTime Player 7

(If Window menu, choose Show Movie Properties)

Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation and wish you smooth screenings!


Ondřej Šejnoha


Instructions_Upload_Elements_ENG_June 2019_v.20190515

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