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Ing. Martin Hřebačka


Producer, teacher

At the Cinematography Department, Martin Hřebačka teaches the Digital Lab seminar which presents basic information about the process of digital image processing and the post-production workflow.

Martin Hřebačka was born in 1957. He studied Communication and Television Technology at CTU Prague. After his graduation, he worked in the Czechoslovak Television and, later, set up an animation and post-production studio. At present, Martin Hřebačka does digital technology supervision and post-production in the FAMU Studio. In his free time he likes to take photographs, animate or paint.


Production work (selection):

2010 – Post production director – Brilliantlove (dir. Ashley Horner)

2010 – visual effects for CERN or the Factory of Absolute (dir. Jan V. Sacher)

2009 – co-producer of Tango with Mosquitoes (dir. Miloslav Luther)

2008 – co-producer of Sister (dir. Vít Pancíř)

2008 – producer of Womanizer (dir. Jan Prušinovský)

2007 – co-producer and visual effects producer for Slovenian film L … kot ljubezen (dir. Janja Glogovac)

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