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MgA. Diviš Marek


Cinematographer, teacher

At the Cinematography Department, Diviš Marek teaches Cinematographic screening seminars to share knowledge of film image reproduced by 35 mm film stock with the students, and holds Film Drama Production seminars.

Diviš Marek was born in 1964. Before 1989, he studied at the Mathematics and Physics Faculty, Charles University in Prague; he was admitted to FAMU in 1990. He graduated from his cinematographic studies with White Acacias, directed by Bohdan Sláma, in 1997.


Camera work (selection):

2017 – Let Misik sing!, documentary (dir. Jitka Němcová)
2016 – The Mystery of Sklep Theatre, documentary (dir. Olga Dabrowska)
2014 – At Second Glance, TV film (dir. Petr Nikolaev)
2013 – Innocent Lies, TV series (various directors)
2009 – An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes (dir. Irena Pavlásková)
2007 – Its Gonna Get Worse (dir. Petr Nikolaev)
2007 – The Country Teacher (dir. Bohdan Sláma)
2005 – Something Like Happiness (dir. Bohdan Sláma)
2003 – Boredom in Brno (dir. Vladimír Morávek)
2003 – Sentiment (dir. Tomáš Hejtmánek)


2013 – Czech Lion – nomination in the Best Cinematography category – film Four Suns (dir. Bohdan Sláma)
2008 – Stockholm Film Festival – Best Photography – The Country Teacher (dir. Bohdan Sláma)
2007 – Czech Lion – nomination in the Best Cinematography category – It’s Gonna Get Worse (dir. Petr Nikolaev)
2005 – Czech Lion – Best Photography – Something Like Happiness (dir. Bohdan Sláma)

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